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wall Poems

Artist Statement


So much of life is about figuring out when to take control and when to let go—to allow the universe to shape the next moment. Ultimately, control yields accuracy and predictability, while letting go invites the unexpected, the fresh stroke.


I gravitate to watercolors because each painting is a reflection of this exercise: the dance of intention and accident. As I watch the paint pool and blend, the paper’s texture redefines the intensities, the shifting air, and surface paint in unpredictable directions. The resulting aesthetic is my abstract vision tempered by concrete elements—making painting an act of faith.


Add Art to Your Square Feet


Browse the gallery. You'll find a variety of watercolor styles as well as her unique Wall Poems that feature text in the work. 

Bare walls and a teeny budget? Calvo works to make her originals affordable and she's open to discussing your budget. 

Catch an exhibition. Past highlights include France at the Fontenay le Comte Civic Center, August House Gallery, and the Harold Washington Public Library in Chicago.

Love a piece that’s already sold?

Calvo also offers high-quality prints in a variety of sizes for a fraction of the cost of originals.  


Special Projects

Standing in the Need of Prayer   

Edited by Nikki Giovanni

It is an honor to have been asked to design and illustrate this collection of poems. Nikki Giovanni’s new collection focuses on the vulnerability of African-American males. Contributors include poets Jordan “Dxtr Spits” Holmes and 2020 Pulitzer Prize winner, Jericho Brown. The book’s title, borrowed from the African-American hymn, is a desperate battle cry for justice.

About the Cover

In 2019, when I worked with Nikki Giovanni to create the book cover, our concept seemed daring. In fact, her publisher wouldn't put the art on the cover. Nikki stuck to her approach and decided to self publish. Unfortunately, 2020 arrived and the cover no longer seems daring. 


How we Move

FINAL SITNOP Cover 072720-A.jpg
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