Creative Director

Thumbs Up Copy, Hands Down Results

You’ve heard, “No one will read it anyway” a million times. That’s because too often words fail to engage readers. That’s because most copy is as predictable as fender-benders in a rainstorm.

Great copy combines education and entertainment—with a message of value. You want to share information about your product or service. You want your audience to stop multi-tasking and pay attention. Not easy, huh.

For more than two decades, Emily has lined up the nouns, adjectives and adverbs that inspire results. Content-rich web sites. Bold billboards. Turn-it-up radio spots. You name it. She’s written copy for almost every type of project that relies on words—and her clients have appreciated the responses. In fact, she co-authored two books on advertising and has spoken on commercial writing at universities and in workshops.

Pick her brain and see what she can do for you.


© 2018 Emily Thornton Calvo

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