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Creative Director

Thumbs Up Copy, Hands Down Results

You’ve heard, “No one will read it anyway” a million times. That’s because too often words fail to engage readers. That’s because most copy is as predictable as fender-benders in a rainstorm.

Great copy combines education and entertainment—with a message of value. You want to share information about your product or service. You want your audience to stop multi-tasking and pay attention. Not easy, huh.

For more than two decades, Emily has lined up the nouns, adjectives and adverbs that inspire results. Content-rich web sites. Bold billboards. Turn-it-up radio spots. You name it. She’s written copy for almost every type of project that relies on words—and her clients have appreciated the responses. In fact, she co-authored two books on advertising and has spoken on commercial writing at universities and in workshops.

Pick her brain and see what she can do for you.


What clients saY

"We did it again! The radio spots [entered as a series] won a Silver in the 22nd Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards! We also picked up a Bronze and two merits. Congratulations!"
—Mary Zokan, Marketing Director
     Rush-Copley Medical Center
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