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Watercolor on Paper, Laserprint on Tissue (Unframed)

10" x 14"  Unframed


Prices are negotiable. 


In 2021, scientists discovered a new species of chameleon, which is the tiniest one found thus far. The discovery made me contemplate our assumption that we are a superior species. 



Apology from an Invasive Species

            On the Discovery of the Smallest Chameleon

                    -By Emily Calvo


Did we discover you

or did you discover humans?


Small as a buttonhole

you don’t bother to change color

like other chameleons

No one saw you anyway.


Did you evolve to tiny

to survive on

less food?

less space?

less water?


We are your invasive species.


Are we superior

for expanding our trap

called civilization

        or you for requiring so little

        our planet could hide you

        under its greenery

        for so long?


Apology from an Invasive Species

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