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Watercolor on Paper, Laserprint on Tissue

22" x 14" w/o Matte 


Prices are negotiable on original art. 





Stomach's rumbling like the muffler

on the rusted-out pickup in my rear view mirror

when against the setting sun, I see

The Beefmaster Cafe.

That's what the sign says framed

with red and white light bulbs

neon footnotes flash  "Hickory Smoked

                                                  Hickory Smoked

                                                            Hickory Smoked"


Inside, ceiling fans twirl counter-clockwise

as flies fly clockwise around the counter.


He's the Beefmaster,

with a past as checkered as the tablecloths.

Been here since the farm folded—

don't know why.

He stands maybe 6'2" in his white apron.

"Ya'll kin eat outsod. We got music out thar,"

he boasts as the radio’s tin jingle jangles

spill from windows

while he strolls from table to table

and flies buzz in and out.


Mrs. Beefmaster, dressed in nurse-blue polyester hollers,

"Getcha anythang?" as she stands behind

the $3.99 deep-fried

chicken dinner buffet,

turning over corn, carrots,

black-eyed peas that lost their bubble

and mashed potatoes rose fresh on

Beefmaster's brother's Texas farm

while flies dive from bin to bin.


Junior Beefmaster

looks as if someone squeezed his head

from top to bottom.

He collects unmatched dishes,

grabs change

brushes crumbs to the floor

as he moves from table to table

while the flies circle him.


And I move, to the cash register

where a 4, 2 and 7 pop up

like stale toast,

toss a five

while flies lead me out the dirty screen door.


$575.00 Regular Price
$460.00Sale Price
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