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Watercolor on Paper, Laserprint on Tissue

12" x 16"

15" x 19" with black matte and 1" black frame


Princes are negotiable. 



On a solitary writing excursion to starved rock, I woke up in my hotel room and it just came to me. 



     by Emily Calvo

You are coals:

solid, ready to ignite.


I am flame.

Grounded in your shadows

I rise with your spark.

I dance in your glowing heat.



We tame darkness.


We reach for the sky.


We warm others with our roaring fire.


To others,

I am the one who shines.

They do not know

that should you drown

in life’s torrents

or I suffocate for want of air,

we both fade.


Do I consume you? No!

It is your nature to burn,

mine to light.

So after my energy has waned,

after my dance is done,

you’ll lie, white-tinged,



                        embers winking in the darkness.


Fire (Original Art)

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