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Watercolor on Paper with Laser Print on Tissue

22" x 15" 


Prices are negotiable on original art. 


Notes: One of my favorite paintings in Picasso's Old Guitarist. In this painting, I invite the old man to indulge in wine, women and some partying to lift his mood, while asking Picasso why he sentenced the guitarist to sadness.  




Letter to Picasso

     by Emily Calvo


Picasso, you dipped the scene in blue
with no solace from its icy hue.

The old guitarist is the color of worn jeans—

light blue, dark blue, aquamarine.

His bony body droops in song

like wilted houseplants long-gone wrong.


You could have given him more space

for Cezanne's tulips in a vase

or Renoir's dashing little maids.


You could have entertained him fine

with Hartnett's table of fruit and wine

or Toulouse’s rowdy chorus line


Guitarist, ever to portray

gloom, despair and disarray

Why is it the blues you play?



Letter to Picasso

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