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Mixed Media

Watercolor on Paper

14" x 20"

20" x 26 with 1" white frame and 3" matte


Poem by Emily Thornton Calvo


Prices are negotiable. 



Mixed Media


Captured blue waves

veil a white


Her boat shoes pause while designer

sunglasses move into tiara position


She breathes in

the confidence of vibrant

the movement of lines

the peace of conception


reads the notation:

"Watercolor on Paper"


No hint of

buckets of caffeine,

day-old bagels,

discount paper towels

thrift-store t-shirts

roach spray

self-imposed deadlines

24 hours of self-doubt

and a well of passion.


Her monogrammed handbag

drops to the gallery desk

where she trades green for blue


She positions a nail above her sofa

lifts color onto a sea of white

wades in its calm over steaming coffee

and whispers to friends,

“It’s original, you know—oil on canvas.”





Mixed Media

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