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Watercolor and Permanent Marker on Paper

14" x 10" w/o Matte; 18" x 14" W/Black Matte


Prices are negotiable on original art. 



Negative Image

by Emily Calvo


A small boy

more chest than legs

grin than face

with one raised eyebrow

hands in pockets

is locked in Kodak black and white


Though he would grow

to hold a girl, a job

the stage and play a man

with hair dyed gray,

rebel, rappel off cliffs of rock

and spin the wind with laughter


before the meat of him submitted

to collapsed synapses

and his kaleidoscope reality

shifted with prescriptions

to detour the tomorrow of him.


Not even I,

with blood like his,

can rearrange the shapes and sounds

we call a voice, a face, a day

and put them into place.






Negative Image

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