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Watercolor w/Permanent Marker on Paper

18" x 24" w/White Frame and Matte


Prices are negotiable on original art. 



Perrenial Timesheet


In the morning 
        against my office wall
                between the calendar and list of “Things to Do”
               two buds on the amaryllis stalk 
like handles on a jackhammer         
            hold hints of coral  

            Some say one 
    can hear corn grow
        if listening
to the ground move 
  as husks brush leaves
           in the crush of soil 

  I surmise that if I focus 
        on this potted oasis
            for an hour or two
                    I might see 
                stamen emerge
                        petals unfurl
        like a flag raised in a parade 

But I have eighteen emails 
     five voicemails
three projects
…and how would I bill for those minutes?

Perrenial Timesheets

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