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Laser Print on Semi gloss

17 x 11 inches unframed


These colors remind me of the beauty of the wings of a goose, so I wrote this poem. 


The Goose

Bluejays, cardinals, yellow canaries—easy wins.

Admiring the black of dirt

the browns of weathered bark

the rusted leaves

the greys of clouds

takes a special eye.

My feathers collect the understated tones

Neutrals, you might say.

Never do they resemble, the flamboyant

flamingo or comical parrot.

This is beauty—to say nothing of an elegant neck,

steps as graceful as if stepping on glass.

Even in flight, we cover the sky

with a chevron blanket.

Yet, you damn our dung

while surely earth swallows it,

spits back a greener growth.

You, with your infrastructures

and searing smokestacks,

who are you to complain?  


The Goose (PRINT)

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