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Water color on 140 lb. Arches Paper

Digital printing on Tissue Paper*

16 x 12


My "Try Angles" series is nature's voice to humanity in response to climate change.




The Penguins


Never too cold for a warm welcome

we are the kings and emperors of this pristine land

that shrinks by degrees under our feet.


On this stark palette of ice and snow

we are the picture of irony:

wings, yet we cannot fly

tuxedoes for no audience but those on ships who

have yet to learn togetherness

to stay warm

to share parenting

to trade gentle chirps in

clusters of care that

affirm each voice.


But this land’s vanishing

will declare our demise

long before the whales

have us for dinner.


*Irregularities in the text are due to the delicate nature of working with text on tissue paper. 


The Penguins

$375.00 Regular Price
$281.25Sale Price
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