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Perfect for that friend who keeps repeating the same dating patterns, or a little reminder for yourself.


14" x 11"   (Unframed)

Digital Print



The Romantic Cycle

1      He’s so cute

        when he does that.

2.     I don’t mind when he does that,

        I just wish I understood why.

3.     I understand why he does that,

        I just wish he’d be more honest about it.

4.     The fact that he does that

        really irritates me.

5.     He’s never going to stop doing that,

        but it’s better to be with him than to be alone.

6.     If he’s going to do that, I’d rather be

        alone than being with him.

7.     It used to bother me when my ex did that, but when      

        he does it, it’s so cute…


            ©Emily Thornton Calvo




The Romantic Cycle (Print)

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