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Digital printing on Semi-gloss Paper


My "Try Angles" series is nature's voice to humanity in response to climate change.



The Waters


Too much. Too little.

You dam us. Distill us.

Harness us for power…

but we are shapeshifters.

Drops carve gorges.

Fog blinds you.

Ice freezes you.

Snow buries you.

Waves tumble your biggest ships.

Or passive in a glass.


We are above you

creating clouds that rain

and deep in oceans’ abyss feeding

creatures you cannot name.


While we shower you clean.

Hydrate your plants.

You make us murky with plastics, oil spills.

You too, are a body of water.

You—lungs, blood, tears—holds us.

You need us.

We do not need you.





The Waters (Print)

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