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Watercolor on Paper with Laser Print on Tissue

Original Art
22" x 15"  


Prices are negotiable on original art. 




    By Emily Calvo

            for Maurice de la Pintiere, a Nazi prison camp survivor who 

                     creates tapestries depicting good and evil

Young Frenchman, Maurice resists

finds himself in tattered stripes

on icy ground behind prison camp barbed wire

between smoking ovens

under gray skies that smother cries.


For two years, he eats potato soup strained of vegetable,

moves forests of trees too heavy for trucks,

Evades growling dogs

            who are quick to bite

            when bodies falter with fatigue.

Watches the removal of tattooed skin

            at the command of a woman

            whose avarice seeks the finer lampshade.

Those torn by this life

            hang and twist by rope on Sundays

or fall from bullets

            shot through frayed clothes.


When Maurice is free,

he draws from memory,

spins stories in six decades of tapestries:

a white steed bursts from red 

horned creatures lurk

stars line horizons.

Like spider webs,

the strands capture that which feeds us.


Maurice hangs his visions on hope.

His hook is humanity,

which he ties tightly—

enough to hold peace,

the lightest and most delicate of threads.




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