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17 x 11 inches

Digital Print on semi-gloss paper


My "Try Angles" series is nature's voice to humanity in response to climate change.



The Flowers  

The rose, the iris, even

a silly daisy is a whim of

nature that colors your gardens

with shapes and shades

more intricate than a mandala.


We are the bees’ buffet

with greenery that sips light,

exhales your air yet our beauty

leaves you breathless.


The perennials whisper,

“Earth is warmer now.”

The seasons lost their rhythm

under solar glare. Early

heat coaxes us awake.


We spring forth

before a freeze finds its way north

before snow waters us with melt.

It dusts us with confusion.


At least, grow us organically.

We thrived long before

you had chemicals.  


Try Angles: The Flowers (PRINT)

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